Hello and welcome to my journal.

While many people may professionally know me as a digital and tech veteran –

That, in reality is a mere fraction of who I am.

I’m also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a musician, a storyteller, a psychology graduate, a nemesis and much much more than just another face at work.

And these are my stories, my narratives, the things I’ve learned through life.

Each article piece will have been written from my lens of the world, coming from real experiences, real learnings and observations. Pseudo-names (if ever used) are there to preserve privacy and anonymity.

Why I started this journal.

I’m a writer at heart. I might not be the best when it comes to grammar or use of beautiful language, but I love to write, to compose and to tell stories. And I love psychology, observing how minds work. It can be very intriguing at times.

This writing project is something I have delayed year over year, making space for career and growth in the material world. I tell myself, you’ll have time in the future…when your kid is all grown up and you can comfortable retire, you’ll have all the time in the world.

But the year 2020 begs to differ. I realised that time is not guaranteed, nor is it a luxury. Do what you want to do today. Do it now. Live in the here and now, there is no telling what the future holds.

And so begins my journal. Nit’s journal. Whether it’s an hour a day, or 5 minutes a day that I am able to dedicate to this journal, then that will be what it is.

*For readers to please note: all articles are opinion pieces, written from a mix of my education, life experiences, theories, concepts and challenges thereof, and should not be used for academic research or purposes that require accurate and updated facts.

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Bio at a glance – Monlamai Vichienwanitchkul (Nit)

  • Indonesian – Thai born Jakarta and raised in several countries.
  • Professionally involved in tech and digital marketing. Key strength in SEO, algorithms, planning, strategy, content and analytics.
  • Msc in Counseling Psychology | Bsc in Telecommunications
  • Interests – psychology, societies, the mind.
Monlamai REBT Practitioner