There’s the main dimension of space – width, length and height. And then there is time.

While we’re able to control physical space, such as the width, length and height of objects, we’re not able to control time. And time is the reason everything is in constant flux, whether we realise it or not.

The reason I wanted to share my thoughts about time here is because I’ve noticed that so many times, we go about our daily tasks and activities in the physical world, that we forget this forth dimension.

Time – An ingredient that gives new perspectives to life events.

Add in ‘time’ to all your life events and see your reactions and perspective instantly change.

When we didn’t get a good score during our exam, when we have squabbles with friends or family, when we get told off at work; at that single point in time, we feel shattered. However, if we were to remind ourselves of the fourth dimension of time, we instantly realise that all of this is temporary. Time will pass, things will age, many become memories, and new meanings and experiences would be created.

The concept of time goes both ways. If you’re on a winning streak. You just got that job promotion, your girlfriend just said ‘yes’, you perhaps won the lottery, it’s always good to remind yourself, that win is just for today, just for this moment in time. So that if anything goes sideways in the near future or so, you would, in a way, have already expected it.

The more aware you are of time’s fluidity, the more time would seem to have slowed down and the calmer you become. When the mind is calm, the vision becomes clearer.

Time dimension in real world events.

Let me share some examples from my own experience, how the dimension of time plays out in the real world.

A story of – but the client has already tested it.

Professionally, I’m a digital marketer, so we do a lot of A/B web testing at work. One day a somewhat annoyed team member came up to me and said the client suggested to run the same test they did earlier this year. And she was explaining that we already did the test, we already know the results, why would the client ask us to test again? Is it that they don’t believe us? Why should we waste time doing the same test again?

If you’ve read my article this far, you already know how time plays a role here. And you would already understand why the client asked for a re-test and why my advise was to do the test again. The perspectives of the test audience would have changed over the duration of that time. No matter how small or how big, change is change. And then there is the element of time itself, it would be testing during a different month completely.

So instead of taking things personally, when we’re not sure of any situation, thing about the dimension of time and things might just fall into place.

Everything is in constant flux, constantly changing. The easy part is having a hold of the change we are able to physically see, such as getting old, children growing up, our height and weight gain, or our bank account balance. But there is also the invisible, the more spiritual side to everyone, our minds that are in constant flux as well.

I will end this article with one quote that I really like:

If you never change your mindwhy have one?

– Edward de Bono